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Anneke Levelt Sengers Prize
Women for Science in Americas - 2018 
The IANAS Women for Science Program will offer a prize that encourages and recognizes the efforts of young women scientists from the following countries: Bolivia, Caribbean (Caribbean Academy of Sciences or Caribbean Scientific Union), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay 
The Prize is named after Anneke Levelt-Sengers, in recognition of her outstanding work promoting and recognizing the role of women scientists in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. This Prize will be coordinated by IANAS, with financial support from TWAS-ROLAC and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. 



February 9-11, 2012
Panama City, Panama


20:00     Dinner Gathering Central Park Hotel

WfS-WG co-Chairs: Welcome - Johanna Levelt Sengers, Judith Zubieta
Participants meet and take turns introducing themselves and their academies or organizations

Reports on Ongoing Activities and Plans

9:00-9:30     Welcome, Introductions - Chair: Judith Zubieta
9:00-9:10     Introduction of APANAC - APANAC Representative
9:10-9:15     Introduction of UTP - UTP Representative
9:15-9:20   IANAS - Co-Chairs Michael Clegg, NAS and Juan Pedro Laclette, Mexican Academy of Sciences
9:10-9:15     Welcome; About the Agenda; Expectations; Meeting rules - WfS-WG co-Chair Anneke Sengers

Session 1: Goal 1: Advising and Informing IANAS, its Academies and its Programmes on Gender Issues

Chair: Frances Henry, Recorder: Marcos Cortesao

9:30-11:40    Obj. 1.1 - 1.3 Cross-cutting with IANAS and IAP Programmes
9:30-9:45       Introduction - Frances Henry
9:45-10:00     IANAS: Science Education - Norma Nudelman
10:00-10:10   Water, Energy - Anneke Sengers (for liaisons Patricia Taboada and Nicole Bernex)
9:45-10:00      Web page resources for IANAS Programs - Sophia Huyer
10:10-10:20    NASAC - Sophia Huyer and Judith Zubieta

10:40-11:10     Coffee Break - Sign-up sheets for interest in cross-cut activities.

11:10-11:40    Goal 1 WfS-WG Focal Points Interacting with Academies

Chair: Monica Moraes, Recorder: Maria Carmen Samayoa

Examples from Focal Points Summary Activities Reports:
Cuba (Lilliam Alvarez), CAS (Neela Badrie), Colombia (Margarita Perea)

11:40-17:30    Session 2 Goal 2: Enhance the status of women scientists

11:40 - 12:30    Obj. 2.1 Quantify representation of women in academies - Landscape Analysis

Chair: Marcos Cortesao, Recorder: Judith Zubieta

11:40-12:20    Questionnaires input - proposals for completion. Sophia Huyer, Anneke Sengers

12:30 - 13:00    Obj. 2.1 Quantify representation of women in academies - Landscape Analysis

Chair: Lilliam Alvarez, Recorder: Maria Carmen Samayoa

Examples from Focal Points Summary Activities Reports:
Dominican Republic (Idelisa Bonnelly), Brazil (Marcos Cortesao), Venezuela

13:00-14:00     Lunch break

14.00 - 14:45    Obj. 2.3 IANAS WfS-WG web page

Chair: Norma Nudelman, Recorder: Neela Badrie

14:00-14:15    Presentation and demonstration - Sophia Huyer 
14:15-14:20    NAS intranet, IANAS intranet - Anneke Sengers
14:20-14:45    Discussion and planning

14:45 - 15:45    Obj. 2.4 Biography Project

Chair: Judith Zubieta, Recorder: Marcos Cortesao

14:45 - 15:00    Lilliam Alvarez, Biography Committee coordinator
Committee, process, FP and academies roles, interviews, plans
Posting on internet
15:00-15:10    Anneke Sengers and Mike Clegg: what next? 
Translation, Possible forms of publication
Editorial Committee

16:15 - 17:00    Obj. 2.5 IANAS-OWSD Prize

Chair: Margarita Perea, Recorder/Facilitator: Sophia Huyer

16:15-16:25     Process, Status - Anneke Sengers 
16:25-16:40    Plans for jury process, ceremony 
16:40-17:00    Discussion; Sign-up for Prize Committee

17:00 - 17:30    Brainstorming I - co-Chairs and all

16:15-16:25    What has worked? What needs adjusting? New directions? - Facilitator/Recorder: Sophia

17:30    Adjourn- co-Chairs and all


11:40-17:30    Session 3 Strategic Planning; Structuring WfS-WG; New Directions

9:00 - 9:50    3.1 Strategic Planning

Chair: Judith Zubieta, Recorder: Sophia Huyer

9:00-9:10    IANAS Strategic Planning - Juan Pedro Laclette or Mike Clegg
9:10-9:25    Science Education Programme's Strategic Plan - a Model - Norma Nudelman
9:25-9:35    A proposal for obtaining a WfS-WG Strategic Plan - Anneke Sengers 
9:35-9:50    Discussion

9:50 - 10:15    3.2 IAP Proposal 2012-2013

Chair: Judith Zubieta, Recorder: Norma Nudelman

9:50-10.00    Deliverables, deadlines, funding - Anneke Sengers
10:00-10:15    Discussion

10:15 - 11:15    3.3 Activating Committees

Recorder: Sophia Huyer

10:15-10.30    Overview - WfS-WG co-Chairs 
        IANAS-OWSD Prize
        Strategic Planning 
        Fund raising
10:30-11:00    Discussion: Are these essential? Volunteers? How else to do the work? What gives?
11:00-11:15    Decisions on Committee Chairs

11:15 - 11:30    Coffee Break - Sign up for committee memberships

11:30 - 1:00    Session 4. Assessment and Conclusions

11:30-12:30    4.1 Assessment and Brainstorming - co-Chairs and All

Recorder: Sophia Huyer

11:30-11:45    Successes, opportunities, weaknesses
11:45-12:00    Proposals for new directions
12:00-12:15    Proposals for publicity; publications; use of modern media
12:15-12:30    New sources of funding

12:30 - 12:45    4.2 Conclusions - co-Chairs

         Meeting results; planned actions; actors
        Thanking hosts and organizers

13:00    Adjourn