Activities 2016

IANAS Water Focal Points Meeting

Medellin, Colombia, November 21-26, 2016

Hosted by Centro de Ciencias y Tecnologia de Antioquia with the support of the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, the focal points of the IANAS Water Program were invited to present their scientific work at the International Water Exhibition or Feria Internacional del Agua 2016. The organizations provided also support for the Water Focal Points meeting where the Program reviewed the development of the different projects and the future plans for 2017.


IANAS Focal Points Meeting November 21-22

Feria Internacional del Agua – FIDA 2016, I Congreso Internacional del Agua

Urban Water Challenges in the Americas

Book presentation hosted by the National Academy of Sciences of Honduras
April 2016

Academia de Ciencias presenta edición especial de revista sobre la Cordillera Central

Magazine presentation by the Academy of Sciences of Dominican Republic
December 2016