Anneke Levelt Sengers Prize
Women for Science in Americas - 2018 
The IANAS Women for Science Program will offer a prize that encourages and recognizes the efforts of young women scientists from the following countries: Bolivia, Caribbean (Caribbean Academy of Sciences or Caribbean Scientific Union), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay 
The Prize is named after Anneke Levelt-Sengers, in recognition of her outstanding work promoting and recognizing the role of women scientists in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. This Prize will be coordinated by IANAS, with financial support from TWAS-ROLAC and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. 

Vision, Mission and Goals


Full inclusion and empowerment of women in science and technology from the top decision-making levels all the way down to the grass roots.

By advising and informing IANAS, its academies and its programs on gender issues, and by developing strategies enhancing the status of women scientists, WfS-WG works towards full engagement of women in science, technology, and development.


1. Advise and inform IANAS, its academies and its programs on gender issues

Objective 1.1 WfS-WG appoints liaisons to all other IANAS programs. 
Objective 1.2 On request, WfS-WG organizes gender-related sessions at meetings of IANAS and its programs.
Objective 1.3 On its Web page, WfS-WG provides resources on gender issues for IANAS and each of its programs.

2. Enhance the status of women scientists

Objective 2.1 Quantify the underrepresentation of women scientists and engineers in the academies. 
Objective 2.2 Encourage formation of (mixed gender) Women for Science committees in the academies.
Objective 2.3 Remedy the isolation of women scientists by a dedicated interactive web page on the IANAS website.
Objective 2.4 Highlight achievements of Latin-American and Caribbean women scientists by posting and publishing interviews and biographies.
Objective 2.5 Encourage female advanced science PhD students in developing IANAS countries by an IANAS-OWSDW prize enabling the winner to enrich her PhD work at a research institute in another IANAS country.


How IAP and IANAS Paved the Way for WFS-WG

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Gender issues in IANAS and its programmes

WfS-WG Actions