Anneke Levelt Sengers Prize
Women for Science in Americas - 2018 
The IANAS Women for Science Program will offer a prize that encourages and recognizes the efforts of young women scientists from the following countries: Bolivia, Caribbean (Caribbean Academy of Sciences or Caribbean Scientific Union), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay 
The Prize is named after Anneke Levelt-Sengers, in recognition of her outstanding work promoting and recognizing the role of women scientists in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. This Prize will be coordinated by IANAS, with financial support from TWAS-ROLAC and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. 

Launch of the Women for Science Working Group

The Women for Science Working Group of the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Science (IANAS) was officially launched on June 11, 2010 in Rio de Janeiro in conjunction with the VII Meeting of the National Focal Points of the IANAS Science Education Program.

One of the cornerstones of this initiative was the Women for Science Symposium, held in Mexico on April 2009.

The Working Group is intended to aid IANAS in implementing the recommendations of the InterAcademy Council (IAC) Advisory Report on Women for Science, which addresses the traditional under-representation of women in science and technology, and makes recommendations to the science academies for remedying this situation. 

In collaboration with the Third World Organization for Women in Science (TWOWS), the Gender Advisory Board of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development, and the UNESCO Chair on Women in S&T in Latin America, the Women for Science Working Group will develop a Plan of Action for the IANAS member academies to build an inclusive institutional culture in S&T organizations, promote education in S&T for girls and women, increase the visibility of women scientists, and support networking, leadership training and mentoring for women in science.