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The Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences


Buenos Aires, Argentina March 18-20, 2013

Hosted by


National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural of Argentina




Monday March 18 Travel Day Please see below Travel Details

No plans made for this day

Tuesday March 19 Full time EC-Meeting

Breakfast at the hotel

IANAS EC Meeting will be at the Academy. One person of the Academy will be guiding you from the hotel to the Academy (Walking distance)

Note: Please be at the lobby of the hotel at 8:30 AM

The Academy address is: Academía Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales

Avda. Alvear 1711, 4° piso, 1014 Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone:  +54 11 4811 2998 

Fax: +54 11 4811 6951 E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday March 20 Special Meeting

Breakfast at the hotel

Meeting with National Secretary of Science and Technology Dr. Alejandro Ceccatto, IANAS participants and Academicians.

National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences

            Av. Alvear 1711 4º floor. Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Note: Please be at the lobby of the hotel at 8:30 AM

Thursday March 21 Departure Day


March Monday 18 Arrival at the Buenos Aires Airport (at Ezeiza, “Ministro Pistarini International Aiport” or Jorge Newbery by GOL)

Once that you clear Costumes, you will find TRANSFER-EXPRESS desks located right and left to the exit. The company has a list of the IANAS EC participants by CODE RESERVATION indicated below. This service will be covered by ANCEFN.







Manuel Gonzalo Taboada



Milciades Mejía

Dominican Republic


Hernán Chaimovich



Enrique Acevedo



Marcos Cortesão



Juan Pedro Laclette

Co-chair IANAS


Juan A. Asenjo



Michael Clegg

Co-chair IANAS


Sergio Jorge Pastrana



John Boright



Claudio Bifano



Adriana de la Cruz



Arrival at the Intersur Recoleta Hotel

Hotel Intersur Recoleta  Av. Callao 1764 Recoleta – C1024AAQ – Buenos Aires – Argentina Tel.: +54 (11) 5533-4000Please proceed to registration desk. Reservations will be under your name. Please prepare a credit card for incidental expenses only.

Hotel Contact

If you want to extend your stand in Buenos Aires City, you have to contact

María José Gutiérrez BagnardiExecutive Account Tour & Travel Hotel Intersur Recoleta AvCallao 1764 Recoleta – C1024AAQ – Buenos Aires – Argentina Tel.: +54 (11)5533-4000This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.www.intersurrecoleta.com.ar

For Departure

You will be to pick up to the hotel at the following day and time





 Pick up hour

Manuel Gonzalo Taboada





Hernan Chaimovich





Marcos Cortesao





Juan A. Asenjo





Sergio Jorge Pastrana





Milcíades Mejía

Dominican Republic




Enrique Acevedo



21- Mar


Juan Pedro Laclette

Co-chair IANAS - México


21- Mar


Michael Clegg

Co-chair IANAS - USA




John Boright





Adriana de la Cruz



19- Mar


Claudio Bifano



21- Mar


Recommendations: Print this information. Call you credit company and let them know about your travel plans. Send this information to your computer, office or home. Weather: Max 24°C

AGENDA MARCH 19 EC Meeting at the Academy

Full Time Session

Morning Session

1.     Welcome and opening remarks                  

Roberto Cignoli, Juan Pedro Laclette, Michael Clegg                                                     

09.00 - 09.15

2.     Approval minutes previous EC Meeting                 

09.15 - 09.30

3.     Status reports IANAS programs                                                          



Women for Science…………

Science Education……………    

Capacity Building……………..  

09.30 - 10.30

Coffee/tea break

10.30 – 11.00

4.     IANAS Budget Status

5.     Discussion of alternative funding models

6.     Report on IAP fund Raising efforts

Michael Clegg/Juan Pedro Laclette/Adriana de la Cruz

11:00 -  13.00

Discussion of proposed cooperation with the OAS.

Michael Clegg & John Boright 13:00-13:30

13:00  - 13:30

7.           Lunch  

13.30 –   14.30

Evening Session

8.     Review of IANAS Statutes & Rules of Procedure, approval of Draft for presentation at the General Assembly

Juan Asenjo

14:30 -    15:30

9.     IANAS Strategic Planning 2013-2016. A proposal to present at the General Assembly Michael Clegg

15:30 - 16:30

Coffee/tea break                                                                        

16.30- 17:00

10.  The General Assembly

Milciades Mejia

17:00 – 17:30

11.  The Scientific Committee for the General Assembly

Juan Asenjo, John Boright, Enrique Acevedo and Jeremy McNeill (Not attending the meeting)

17:30 – 18:00

12.  Any other business & Adjournment

18:00 – 18:30

Dinner at the Hotel


AGENDAMarch 20 Special Meeting organized by the Argentinean Academy at the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Productive and distinguished guests relative to the area

Morning Session

Welcome to the participants

Roberto Cignoli


IANAS-The Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences

TBC Name

9:30 – 9:40

National Secretary of Science and Technology Dr. Alejandro Ceccatto

9:40 – 10:30

Discussion Time conducted by Roberto Cignoli and Members of the Academy

10:30  - 11.00


11:00  - 12:00

**** Probably, Minister Barañao invite to the participants for a meeting in the new Ministry building (we are waiting the confirmation)

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch (place to defined by the Academy) and then transportation to the Hotel

13.30 –   14.30

Formal business attire suggested. Thanks


Minutes IANAS Executive Committee Meeting

Caracas, Venezuela

July 31, 2012

Opening remarks: Claudio Bifano offered a warm welcome on behalf of the Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of Venezuela. Juan Pedro Laclette noted that we have a busy agenda. The main subjects are the progress of IANAS programs; information about IANAS finances, the efforts to form a new Academy in Ecuador; and the academic situation in Venezuela.

Approval of the Minutes from the EC meeting in Santiago, Chile in January 2012 was moved, seconded and affirmed with two minor corrections  (to reword the last sentence and to correct the spelling of Jeremy McNeil’s name).

1. Program reports


1.    The Energy Program Report was presented by Juan Pedro Laclette with some comments by Gonzalo Taboada

2.    Key points

·         The energy program is now more focused;

·         There is a new effort to explore the role of women in energy management and utilization in the Americas;

·         Recommendations from the Program to the Academies has been placed on the IANAS web site.

1.     Recommendations from the EC

The Energy Program has made important advances as represented by the recent meeting in Bolivia. The EC believes that the program needs a co-chair to share some of the work with John Milhone who has done a heroic job.

Because there are so many better endowed institutions and international organizations working on energy issues, it is recommended the program focus on a small number of specific goals; for instance, the Program could try to develop a report similar of the water book assessing energy resources available in the Americas or it could further elaborate the theme of women and energy, owing to the crucial role of women in managing energy utilization, especially in poorer communities. The EC believes that the value of IANAS is its network structure and access to academic leaders in every country. The programs should seek to exploit the niche provided by this unique set of attributes.

Actions: (1) To ask the Academies for nominations of suitable candidates for co- chair of the energy program to work with John Milhone; and (2) to encourage the production of a publication on energy, perhaps similar to that of the water program.


A) The Women for Science Progress Report was presented by Anneke Senger

B) Key points

·   Underrepresentation of women scientists in the Academies of the Americas. The Women’s Working Group of Venezuela is working on statistical analyses of women’s careers.

·       The Biography Project of the WfS program will be presented to the Ford Foundation in November for possible funding.

C) Recommendations from the EC

The WfS Program has been very active in engaging with the other IANAS programs and the leadership of the Co- Chairs has been very effective. Efforts like the WfS Prize, the organization of working groups in countries like Venezuela and the Dominican Republic and the Biography Project (Book and Capsules) represent concrete actions with positive results.

The WfS Prize should be evaluated. The WfS program should use the opportunity provided by the Global Day of Women to present the Biography booklet in 2013. This should be done simultaneously by all IANAS Academies.

Actions: IANAS will explore with Ford Foundation (Brazil and Mexico) and some other potential donors, the possibility to get funds for the publication of the booklet. If granted, the booklet could be presented as suggested by the EC


1.     The Water progress report was presented by Marcos Cortesao and complemented by Juan Pedro Laclette

2.     Key Points

Recognition for the effort inviting focal points from other Programs to establish new synergies with other Networks; report of the Workshop.

C) Recommendations of the EC

The EC extends a special recognition to the focal points and to Blanca Jimenez and Jose Tundisi for their effort of putting together the book and to the Academies for the special presentation of the book on World Water Day. The conclusion from the International Water Workshop held in May 2012 in Brasil will be disseminated to IANAS. The experience of the meeting in Brasil showed that it is important to look for diversified resources for financing these kind of activities.

Actions: The Program will meet at the end of this year. The focus will be on Water in Cities and Metropolitan regions in the Americas.


1.     The Program report was presented by Claudio Bifano.

2.     Key points

The program is complicated by the fact that every country has different needs; there is need for strong leadership in science education in the Americas; thanks to the Mexican Academy for their support in providing free access to the coursers for "La Ciencias en tu Escuela" Program.

C) Recommendations from the EC

The EC believes the Program has had an impact in the region, but there is a need for more objective measurements of effectiveness after nine years of work. It is important to support the efforts of the Indagala web page.

Action: Use the achievements of the Water program as an example, the secretariat will present the Water Book at the Next Focal Points Meeting in Colombia and propose to produce something similar as an option for presenting their report; a proposal for a contest to produce materials for the Indagala web page will be presented at the focal points meeting in Colombia.


1.     The report was presented by Michael Clegg and supplemented by presentations from Hernan Chaimovich (Brasil) and Carlos Soria (Ecuador)

2.     Key Points

·         MOU between Fapesp and IANAS for the Fellowships that will be internationally announced on August 29, 2012 in Brasil;

·         Ecuador request to IANAS to help them to establish an international committee to select the first members of the Academy;

·         Financial support from NAS for short term visitors program;

·         New academies should be selected for membership in IANAS according to IANAS procedures;

·         Other networks interested in establishing connections with IANAS

C) Recommendations

·         The EC meeting congratulates Brazil for the generous effort to extend the fellowship to the members of IANAS countries and they will follow with interest the public announcement;

·         IANAS will help Ecuador with the committee to select the first academy members;

·         IANAS should also contact APANAC from Panama and The Academy of Uruguay;

Actions: IANAS will publish the call for the Fepesp-IANAS Fellowships; IANAS will integrate the information sent by the Academies for the Fellowships; IANAS will send a letter inviting the Academies to be part of the International Committee to select the first members for the Academy of Ecuador; Juan Asenjo (Chile) will contact the Academy of Uruguay

IANAS Financial Situation/General Assembly/ General Business

Mike Clegg and Juan Pedro Laclette presented the current financial status of IANAS for 2012 and 2013 and a discussion with the EC Members followed:

Key Points

IANAS could start exploring in Mexico the possibility to be a legal entity as a nonprofit civil association with the purpose of looking for international funds; if the Mexican Academy decides to host the Secretariat for another term, this step (the legal entity) would be just for fundraising purposes and IANAS would be working with the MAS as it has done these three past years. Once the Secretariat moves to another country, the civic association could be dissolved.

For fundraising purpose it would be easier to look for funds for each one of the programs as was done in the past (IANAS Fellowships or SEP Funds for Science Education). This has already started in several cases, e.g., the Program of Women for Science, FABESP and The Lounesbery Foundation funding of the New Horizons meeting. Organizations like the IDB or OEA have shown interest in some of the IANAS programs but not in all of them, so fund raising by each IANAS program could be more effective.

To support the first steps for funding a general brochure should be produced with Program specific inserts or with a page devoted to each program. This brochure should state: (1) what is the mission of the program; (2) what are the success of the Program; (3) how the program is going to contribute to Innovation in the Americas.

Academies could be asked to save money to support the participation of a  focal point at IANAS program meetings (4 air-tickets per year) and the Programs should start looking for funds independently from the IANAS funds.

With the current resources allocated by IAP to IANAS, money for 2012 and 2013 should be allocated according to the proposal presented by each Program. Decisions about allocations would be presented by IANAS Co-Chairs and approved by the EC.

Although the global financial situation is very different today compared with the situation when IANAS started, our organization has beenimaginative and effective in working together and raising funds. If in the past IANAS was capable of attracting funds without any real results, it should be easier now that IANAS has substantial results to its credit.

Actions: NAS can support the printing of the brochures. The Secretariat will send a letter to the Programs. The Secretariat will present to the next EC meeting a proposal to create a civic organization, pros and cons. A draft financial plan for the Programs will be circulated to the EC.

General Assembly

The General Assembly will be in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on July 16 to 19, 2013. Structure of the Program:
July 16: Travel Day and Scientific Conference to attract media, public and fund supporters of the Assembly. Welcome dinner.
July 17: IANAS Presentation Programs and General Assembly
July 18: Scientific Meeting (*) with three lectures in the morning and three for the evening.
July 19: AM Scientific Excursion (Optional) PM First Meeting of the New Elected EC/ End of the meeting

(*) Topics: Threats to the region: acidification, deforestation, climate change, sea level, risk assessment, risks and resilience, marine biodiversity.
Positive talks: Ecotourism, good story Haiti, distributed generation of electricity, population. 
For the scientific meeting, academies should be asked to propose names for "top” participants. This will mean that the Academies will pay air transportation and some other fees involved on the participation of the guest. EC Members will select the participants.

IANAS General Business

Enrique Acevedo(Guatemala), Jeremy McNeil (Canada), Marcos Cortesao (Brazil) Jose Franco (Mexico) will be the committee in charge of nominating the next IANAS Co-Chairs.

Actions: A Save the Date note should be send to the Academies. A letter will be sent to the Academies asking for proposals for the Scientific Meeting. The IANAS bylaws are available at the web page and will be sent to the Committee selecting the IANAS Co- Chair.

Summary of Actions


Actions: To request from the Academies the names of nominees to be co- chair of the Program; to suggest the production of an energy publication based on the water program

Women for Science

IANAS and the Ford Foundation will meet in Mexico to present a proposal for funds.  Once the brochure is ready, to send to the Academies for the simultaneous presentation of Women for Science book.


Actions: The Program will meet at the end of this year. The focus will be on Water in Cities and Metropolitan regions in the Americas.