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Dr. Manfred Horn
National University of Tacna National University of Cuzco

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Profession: Manfred Horn Professor of Physics at the Science Faculty of the National Engineering University (UNI), Lima, Peru. Physicist (Dipl. Phys., U. Munich,1964; Ph.D., UBC, Vancouver, 1971).

Activities: Research in solid state physics and materials for solar energy conversion. Pilot projects and consultations in renewable energy, energy planning and environment. Development and transfer of renewable energy technologies, particularly of solar drying of agricultural products and photovoltaics for rural electrification. Quality control of solar and lighting equipment.

Former Dean of Science Faculty and former President of the Peruvian Physical Society and the Peruvian Solar Energy Association.

Distinctions: Honorary doctor of the National University of Tacna and Honorary Professor of the National University of Cusco, Peru. Member of the Peruvian Academy of Science (Member of the Board) and Focal Point of the IANAS Energy Program.

Organizations: National Engineering University National University of Cuzco