Jose M Aller


Claudio Wheelock
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IANAS Energy Program /Nicaragua

My key role and responsibilities
I work in the Solar Station at the Central American University in Managua, where my role is to assure the quality of the data we collect which includes climatic data (temperature, humidity, wind velocity and direction) and solar data (direct, diffuse and global radiation).  I coordinate our group of three people, and assure that the instruments and software are performing correctly.

Furthermore once the data has been analyzed, it can be offered to both public and private institutions, which carry out projects on a greater scale and we can often charge for the information.

In the Solar Station we also design and manage large projects related to renewable energy, for example, using solar photovoltaic energy to remove bacteria from shells, or solar thermal energy to dry out wood. 

These projects are oriented to look for solutions to poor families’ low income and to improve quality of life and environmental conditions. 

In addition to this we have also managed studies exploring the social and environmental impacts of household electrification using solar photovoltaic panels in the rural regions of the country where the national grid is not present. Finally, we contribute to the teaching of renewable energies to students on our Environmental Engineering program and furthermore represent the faculty in seminars and conferences

Central American University in Managua