Arturo Fernández Madrigal


Arturo Fernandez Madrigal
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IANAS Energy Program/ Mexico

Current projects:
Laboratory of Innovation and Characterization of Solar Cells, Institute of Renewable Energy UNAM;

Characterization and preparation of electro catalytic bi-functional materials based in Ir, Ru and Pt water oxidation and oxygen reduction in one cell unitized regenerative fuel cell (URFC) and production of compounded semi-conductors for the production of photo-electrodes for the production of hydrogen throughout photo-electrolysis.  

Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences B.Sc M. Sc. - Ph. D. National Autonomous University of Mexico. Titular tenure Research (Research / Teaching Faculty Research Visiting (August - 2007 - September - 2008) National Renewable Energy Laboratory - DOE - USA. Research Visiting (June-2010 / July-2010) National Renewable Energy Laboratory DOE-USA

Main researcher lines on optical photoconductive and solar energy coatings by chemical and electrochemical methods. Twenty-three years of experience in characterization of solar collector (flat plate and evacuated).

Preparation and characterization of semiconductor for hydrogen production.

Mexican Solar Energy Society (Treasurer Octuber 2004-Octuber 2006) Formed president of Mexican Hydrogen Society (Oct-2003-September 2004)

International Journals:
35 Published;

International Conference Proceedings:
23 Published;
National Conference Proceedings 40.

Institute of Renewable Energy UNAM