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Wilfredo Flores
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Wilfredo Flores received the Electrical Engineer degree from National University of Honduras and the MBA degree from TEC of Monterrey, México. In 2007 he received the PhD degree from National University of San Juan, Argentina. Dr. Flores was the National Coordinator of the Honduras Energy Policy on 2007-2010.

Also he has been Professor of Physics and Engineering. His topics of interest are Energy Policy, Regulatory Framework of Electricity Power Markets, Analysis of Electric Power Systems and the use of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems for applications in diagnosis of HV equipment. 

Dr. Flores is Senior Member IEEE. Dr. Flores is author of the following papers related to the Honduras energy sector:

  1. "Sustainable Energy Policy in Honduras: Diagnosis and Challenges", Energy Policy Journal, ELSEVIER.
  2. "Initiatives in the Rational use of Energy in Honduras", IEEE Latin America Transactions,
  3. "Analysis of Regulatory Framework of Electric Power Market in Honduras: Promising and Essential Changes", published at Utilities Policy, ELSEVIER.
  4. "PMU Placement for the Central American Power Network and its Possible Impact", 2011 IEEE PES Conference on Innovate Smart Grid Technologies, ISGT Latin America.

Organization: TBC and IANAS Energy Program/Honduras