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Daniel Lopez Aldama
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Expertise Description: Consulting the IAEA as an expert on nuclear data (16/12/2006-30/12/2006), Nuclear Data Section, IAEA, Vienna, Austria (Revised and updated from the data sources of the latest nuclear magnitudes listed below and included in the “Handbook of Nuclear Data for Safeguards, INDC (NDS) -376, 1997; radioactive decay data for all actinide, energies and probabilities of emission of particles alphas, energies and emission probabilities of gamma radiation emitted energies and emission probabilities of X-rays, total number of neutrons emitted by fission, the number of delayed neutrons emitted by fission parameters of groups of delayed neutrons, radioactive decay data for selected fission products, energy and emission probabilities of gamma radiation, fission yields for the major actinides: total return for all mass chains (and). Rendimientos independent (Yi and cumulative (and C) for a group of selected fission products and design a site end-user driven access to and extraction of data quickly.

Master’s degree in technical sciences

IANAS Energy Program/Cuba