Frances Henry


Frances Henry
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Frances Henry is one of Canada's leading experts in the study of racism and anti-racism. Since the mid seventies when she published the first study of attitudes towards people of colour, she has consistently pioneered research in this field. Her books include co-authoring the fourth edition of The Colour of Democracy: Racism in Canadian Society, “Racism in the Canadian University “Racial Profiling: Challenging the Myth of a Few Bad Apples” and “Discourses of Domination: Racist in Canada's English Language Press using critical discourse analysis.

As part of her specialization in Caribbean anthropology she has also published the only book on Caribbean communities in Canada entitled The Caribbean Diaspora in Toronto: Learning to Live with Racism., University of Toronto Press, 1994. She conducted a three year study of the resurgence of African religions in Trinidad and her book, Reclaiming African Religion in Trinidad: The Sociopolitcal Legitimation of the Orisha and Spiritual Baptists Faiths was published in 2004 by the University of the West Indies Press. Henry’s most recent work in Caribbean Studies was the publication of a memoir of the life of ‘Pa Neezer’ (Ebenezer Elliott) spiritual leader of the Orisha religion in Trinidad.

Now retired as a Professor Emerita from York University in Toronto, she continues an active research and writing career.  Henry is now Principal Investigator of seven person team conducting a  systematic study of race and racialization at Canadian Universities funded by a four year grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Organization: York University and IANAS Women for Science Program