Teresa Pérez

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National University of San Martin

My areas of expertise are Materials and Corrosion. The main fields of knowledge are metallurgy, corrosion in oil and gas production and transportation. Development of materials for oil and gas production and transportation under severe environmental conditions. Material selection and failures analysis.

Experience in the formation and leadership of working teams and the development of human resources.

Currently Independent Consultant.

More than 20 years of activity in Tenaris Siderca Research and Development Center (CINI)

Full Professor in Engineering School Universidad of Buenos Aires (FIUBA) and Instituto Sabato University Gral San Martín.

Awards and distinctions

2015 Fellow Award, awarded by NACE International.

2015 Full Academician of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Argentina, since May 2015.

2013 Technical Achievement Award, awarded by NACE International

2013 Merit Diploma in Science and Technology awarded by Fundación Konex.

2013 Platinum Konex Award in Science and Technology awarded by Fundación Konex.

2003 Jorge Sabato award in Metallurgical Engineering awarded by the National Academy of Science of Argentina.