Alfredo Alvarado 

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Universidad de Costa Rica

BS. Agronomy University of Costa Rica (1970), MSc. (1974) and PhD (1982) degrees in Soil Science from North Carolina State University.

Lecturer/Researcher for more than 50 years at University of Costa Rica (UCR), CATIE, World Lead’s Rockefeller Foundation-Program, Sustainable Soil Management Network of AECI, and as visiting professor in many Latin American Agricultural Universities.

Short term consultant in Ecuador, Perú, Guatemala, Belice, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panamá, Colombia, México, Spain, Ecuador, and Mozambique, and long term consultant in Bolivia. As a soil specialist, areas in México, Cuba, Brasil, Colombia, Guatemala, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Spain, England, Philippines, Canada, and the United States (North Carolina and Iowa) have been studied.

Author, co-author, and editor of 190 publications including 8 books, 32 chapters in books, and 150 research articles in local and international journals. Editor of the journals Turrialba and Agronomía Costarricense for more than 20 years.

President of the Costa Rican Soil Science Society (1979-1981), President of the Latin-American Soil Science Society (1980-1982), Member of the Costa Rican Academy of Science (1995-present), Honorary Member of the Asociación Costarricense del Suelo (2011), and Honorary Member of the Costa Rican Agronomy Society (2010).

Nominated outstanding professor (1975) and emeritus professor (2009) at UCR. Honoured with “La Simiente” for the teaching contribution by the Costa Rican Agronomy Society (2001). Honoured for the contribution to soil science knowledge, the search of sustainability and food security in Latin America by the Latin America Soil Science Society (2004)”.

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