Michael Allen

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University of California – Riverside 

Distinguished Professor, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521-0334

Education: Southwestern College, Kansas, Biology, B.S., 1970-1974

University of Wyoming, Botany , M.S., 1974-1977

University of Wyoming, Botany, Ph.D., 1977-1980

Appointments: 1998-present; Director, Center for Conservation Biology; 2014-present, Chair Department of Biology; 2004–10,11-12 Chair, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology; 1993-1995 Program Manager, Division of Environmental Biology, National Science Foundation.

Awards: AAAS Fellow 2005, Chevron Conservation Award 1999, American Planning Association, Inland Empire Section, Distinguished Leadership-Academic Award 2003, George Miksch Sutton Award Southwestern Naturalists Association, 2011, Chair of the Soil Ecology Section for the Ecological Society of America 2011-2013, President of the International Mycorrhizal Society for 2013-2015. Co-Chair of the President’s University of California-Mexico Initiative, subcommittee on the Environment.

Publications: 233 Refereed Publications, 3 books in Soil Ecology and Conservation Ecology.

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