Freddy Aleman

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Universidad Nacional Agraria

Freddy Aleman is an agronomist with a master degree focused in weeds management. In the year 2000 finished her doctoral studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, specializing in cropping systems in the tropics. He has served as Research Professor of National Agrarian University in Managua, Nicaragua, and currently is director of research, extension, and graduate studies at UNA. In his performance has received some awards, such as diploma of recognition awarded by the National Agrarian University, for his valuable contributions to the development and strengthening of UNA in the area of Research and extension; and the Order "Jose Andres Mejia Torrez," launched by UNA to the members of the community who have excelled in teaching and research. In December 2010, his work was recognized when the National Academy of Science accepted him as member of number. He has published scientific articles at international journals in the field of weeds management and tropical cropping systems.

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