Jesús Pérez Moreno

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Colegio de Posgraduados

Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Sheffield, England. Member of the National System of Researchers Level 3 and Titular Research Professor of Colegio de Postgraduados in Texcoco, Mexico. Scientist, biotechnologist and teacher for 28 years. He has been invited to give lectures and join International Committees in Asia (China), Africa (Morocco), Europe (England and Spain) and the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia). His articles have been cited more than 1000 times by researchers from 52 countries. Author or editor of 15 books and 23 book chapters. He has contributed to the training of 46 Master of Science and doctorates and presented more than 160 papers in International and Mexican Congresses. His research interests are: i) Diversity and ethnomycology of wild edible mushrooms of Mexico; and ii) Biotechnology of edible ectomycorrhizal fungi. Topics focused in the use of non-timber forest resources, sustainable development, food security and climate change mitigation.

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