Jenny Cumanda Ruales

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Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito.

Dra. Jenny Ruales has a diploma of Chemical Engineer from Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito-Ecuador, a Licenciate degree in Food Engineering and a Ph.D. from the Lund University, Lund-Sweden. Since 1993, she is working at Escuela Politécnica Nacional from Quito- Ecuador. She worked as food technologist consultant for the Word bank for Ecuadorian children feeding programme (1994). She has experience in product development, food science research and project management. She is research scientist and project manager in the field of functional foods and her activities are related to add value to local materials, evaluation of the effect of processing on the bioaccessibility of nutrients and bioactives. She is applying conventional processes and emerging technologies like membrane technology, UV-light and vacuum frying for product development. She has been the responsible for the Master programme in Food science since 1994 until 2012, and she is the coordinator of the Ph.D programme in Food Science and Technology.

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