Dr. Rolando Cifuentes

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Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

New Mexico State University.  Ph.D.  in Agronomy with emphases on Soil Science.  My research interests are on issues related to soil fertility, soil microbiology, restoration of degraded soils, adaptation of agricultural practices to climate change, sustainable agriculture and rural development.  I work with both, large and small scale growers.     I am a soil science professor with experience in formal and non-formal agricultural education as well as in the formulation, management, implementation and evaluation of research and extension projects.   I am also the Director of the Center for Agricultural and Food Studies at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala.  Some of our subjects of interest include export crops, family agriculture, food security and malnutrition, postharvest management, agro-biodiversity and genetic resources, use and management of natural resources at micro-watershed level, development of food products for human consumption.  We have important alliances with local and international organizations linked to the agriculture and food sectors.

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