Margarita Palmieri

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Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

My name is Margarita Palmieri and I have worked at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala since 1988.  My main field of study is plant viruses but I am involved in Plant Protection with an IPM view.  I am the Director of Plant Protection laboratories at the Universidad.  We do research, provide services and training to growers, technicians, students and other people in agriculture.  I teach Virology, Cell Biology and Histology and Histochemistry to Biology and Biochemistry majors. 

Our research focuses on virus transmitted by whiteflies, thrips, aphids and cicadellids.  We have worked with IPM CRSP in a Global Project in the area of viruses and also a Latin America IPM project in which we were testing and selecting adequate packages of IPM to implement with growers, principally with tomato, pepper and potatoes. We include the use of biological controls as well as native fumigants and the use of microtunnels and macrotunnels as part of an IPM program. We have also worked with diseases that affect crops in packaging. We have been testing crops like potatoes, peas and green beans and detecting the different diseases that can present in post-harvest storage and in the field so we can identify the origin of those problems.

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