Dr.  M. Cristina Cabrera

Dr.  M. Cristina Cabrera obtained her B.Sc. degree in Agricultural Engineering at the Agronomy Faculty at the University of the Republic of Uruguay. She obtained her Master of Science and PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) in France in 1986. She is a Nutrition Professor and Head of the Nutrition & Food Quality Group of the Agronomy Faculty and Associate Professor in Physiology & Nutrition of the Faculty of Sciences in Uruguay. She is  coordinator of the Master in Nutritional Science held at the University of the Republic. Her research is focused on the nutritive value of meat from beef, pork, poultry and other species. Her research   emphasizes on minerals, vitamins and peptides, content and bioavailability in meat, as well as the modifications provoked by animals’ diet and meat processing. She also leads collaborative studies on the bioavailability of nutrients in local vegetal foods. The main interest of this research is to contribute to the knowledge of essential nutrients in animal and vegetal foods, in order to ensure nutritional security for all ages and to improve the well-being of people.

Dr. Cabrera and her team manage research projects from national agencies and international organisms, and lead applied research in collaboration with the production and agri-food sector.