List of the National of the National Focal Points

José G. Tundisi 
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Born in 1938, Bariri, São Paulo State, Brazil. He is a retired professor of Environmental Science at the University of São Paulo, São Carlos. He is specialized in reservoir limnology and ecology of inland waters, watershed management, water resources management and environmental planning. He is at present, president of International Institute of Ecology and a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He was consultant in 40 countries. He prepared 35 Ph.D. and 40 MsC and more them 300 managers in Brazil and several other countries. He is a staff member of the Ecology Institute – Excellence in Ecology – Germany. He served for 20 years as a member of scientific committee of ILEC, in Japan and was President of National Research Concil in Brazil (1995 – 1999). He was President of the International Advisory Board of the Millenium Institutes Initiative from the government of Brazil. He is co chairman of the IANAS water programme with Prof. Dr. Blanca Jimenez of UNAM Mexico and is Chairman of the IAP water programme. He published 320 papers and 35 books.