Jackeline Abad Torres

Along the time I spent on shaping my skills and career, I accomplished relevant challenges that were crucial at that moment and led me the person and professional who I am nowadays. Recalling each memorable episode of my life, I would say that so far my greatest professional achievement was to publish my first journal article “Graph-theoretic characterizations of zeros for the input–output dynamics of complex network processes”, which focuses on the characterizations of dynamical internal structures in terms of the coupling graph of the systems. The implications and insight about that research gave me momentum to realize that with perseverance and hard work one can achieve any goal. This also motivates a wide research on the stabilization and destabilization of networked processes, whose work was presented on the American Control Conference (ACC) and was awarded a recognition in 2014.

As a researcher, I struggled for a long time in relevant problems, especially when looking for an algorithm for optimal resource deployment to mitigate spread processes. Although, I was under such amount of pressure since there was a deadline around the corner, I just relied on the expertise and wise advice of my former advisor. His advice cleared my mind and gave me a fresh new perspective: exploit the network interconnection and hence the spectrum of the network graph to find the most influential agents on the network. This research led to publish several conference papers, publications in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and Automatica, some of the most respected journals in my field, and getting a grant to present this work in a world-wide known conference (Young Researchers Grant from IEEE CSS Outreach Fund to attend the 2015 Control and Decision Conference).

As an international student and a Fulbright Grantee (Faculty Development Program- 2010), it was very important to me to represent a (developing) country not only from the scientific perspective, but also from the cultural viewpoint. It is clear for any international student, that your hard work, ethics, and behavior might open or close a path for prospective students/scientist from your country or region. I am really proud when a researcher asks for potential graduate students from my country or the university where I currently work. One of the greatest achievements as an educator was when my first student published our work and was accepted to study in a prestigious international program.

Finally, I am conscious that it is only the begging of a career and there are still many challenges in both professional and personal life to overcome.