Yarimar Ruiz Orozco

I currently serve as Forensic Specialist at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), responsible for promote “Humanitarian Forensic Action”, known as the use of the skill and knowledge of forensic sciences in the humanitarian response, in order to prevent and resolve the tragedy of the missing persons and their families affected as a consequence of armed conflicts, emergencies, migration and other situation of violence as well as supporting the proper management of human remains in such settings.

During my early experience as university professor, I had the opportunity to lead integration processes between diverse teams, while taking the initiative to conduct an outstanding scientific research. During my doctoral fellowship, I participated in diverse projects from a multicultural team that developed new technologies for the genetic identification of victims from mass disaster. At the UCCVDF-AMC, I worked along with a multidisciplinary team of forensic professionals and investigators in the framework of the processes carried out to expedite the reports on homicides, torture, and forced disappearances of Venezuelans, among other forensic cases like identification of non-named remains. During my previous role at the CMP-Cyprus, I was a key player in the identification process to determine the fate of people who went missing as a consequence of tragic events occurred during the years of 1963-1964 and 1974 and contributed to the promotion of a process of reconciliation, healing and dialogue between both communities involved in the conflict.

One of the most rewarding moments in the forensic practice has been during the notification to a bereaved family member that has been waiting for many years to know about the fate of their love one. Is a relief and peaceful moment both for families and for who is practicing this career. Is quite satisfying as well the practice of teaching whenever an undergraduate student ask for having an internship in the area that I represent because is an indicator of how the passion for the work I’m doing can influence others.

As Latin American woman I’m proud to be the only Venezuelan that integrate the Forensic Unit at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

One of the most important achievements in my personal life has been building and supporting my family in spite of my dynamic working environment. If I have to mention the action that have change my life is be definitely the opportunity to have participated and then be volunteer in the cultural exchange-student program “American Field Services” (AFS) during my childhood. Such experience allowed me to particularly develop sensibility and awarewness in causes that promote the peace and understanding between different cultures, which made me beilve that is possble to contribuite in a cause using your knowledge and skills.