WfS-WG Actions

WfS-WG is developing action plans in its areas of focus:

    1. Networking
      • * Within IANAS: cross-cut with all other programs.
      • * Liaisons to IANAS programmes.
      • * Use the WfS focal points network to stimulate academies to form WfS committees that can transform the institutional culture.
      • * Collaborate with global and regional organizations that specialize in women's capacity building: UNESCO, Gender Advisory Board - Commission on Science and Technology for Development, Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD), women scientists' networks in Latin America and the Caribbean.
      • * With OWSD, and based on a needs assessment by all focal points, develop the content for this web site, built up gradually in a modular way, beginning by linking to relevant resources and organizations.
  • 2. Visibility of women scientists
  • Focal points help IANAS academies to reform institutional culture to include women.
    • Biographies of women scientists in the IANAS countries.
    • * Awards for women graduate students and scientists: IANAS-OWSD Prize
    • * Encourage organizations, governments and companies to establish awards, fellowships and prizes.