First Focal Points Meeting Mexico City

The first IANAS Women for Science (WfS) - Focal Points meeting was hosted by the Mexican Academy of Science on February 24-27, 2011.  Participants included colleagues designated by the fifteen Academies of Sciences of Latina America and the Caribbean assigned as Focal Points of the Program as well as representatives from OWSDW, Panama representatives: APANAC President Myriam Gonzalez and Rectora Marcela Paredes of the Panama Technical University.

Objectives of this first IANAS WfS-WG focal point meeting:

• Bring the WG on track to common goals in a face-to-face meeting of its focal points, each reporting on key aspects of his/her academy and country;

• Conduct a Landscape Analysis as a first step towards a 5-year strategic plan;

• Acquaint the focal points with IANAS Programs with which the WfS-WG will cross-cut;

• Review ongoing action items;

• Review the deliverables of the WfS-WG proposal to IAP for the year 2011;

• Structure the WG so that focal points assume responsibility for action items and deliverables.

WfS-WG Website 
Biography Project 
Structure of WfS-WG 



February 24-26, 2011
Mexico City, Mexico


19:00-21:00     Social and Dinner: Salon, Hotel Radisson

19:00-19:45    Social

19:15-19:30    Welcome; Information; Charge of focal points - Johanna Levelt Sengers, Chair, IANAS Women for Science Working Group

19:45-21:00    Landscape Analysis LA1: Getting to know each other
Focal Points and participants introduce themselves and their academy informally in a one minute presentation during dinner.

Chair: Anneke Levelt Sengers. 
Facilitator: Sophia Huyer



7:00-8:15     Breakfast

8:15-9:00     Bus to Academia Mexicana

9:15-9:30     Welcome Words
from Arturo Menchaca, President, Mexican Academy of Sciences
and Juan Pedro Laclette, IANAS-Co-Chair

9:30-11:00     Landscape Analysis LA2. Reports by focal points.
(nine presentations of 10 minutes)

Chair: Anneke Levelt Sengers
Facilitator: Sophia Huyer

11:00-11:30    Coffee Break

11:30-12:30     Landscape Analysis LA3
(six presentations of 10 minutes)

Chair: Rosaura Ruiz

12:30-13:00     Questions and clarifications

13:00-14:00     Lunch at Academy

14:00- 16:00     Landscape Analysis LA4. Break-out Session: Challenges, Gaps, Opportunities, Priorities.

Chair: Lucia Previato

14:00-14:20    Introduction to the process - Sophia Huyer

14:20-16:00    Break out in two working groups (by language) 
(Groups discuss several questions on what more is needed to complete the landscape analysis. New action items can be proposed.)

Anneke Levelt Sengers (English). 
Judith Zubieta (Spanish)

15:30            Coffee made available

16:00-17:00    Landscape Analysis LA5. Groups report and discussion
(Combine the two sets of answers; List tasks and deadlines

Chair: Judith Zubieta

17:30            Bus to Dinner

19:00-21:30    Formal Conference Dinner, Ex Hacienda de Tlalpan



7:00-8:00     Breakfast

8:15-9:00     Bus to Academia Mexicana

9:15-11:00     Cross-cutting with IANAS Programs

Chair: Anneke Levelt Sengers

9:15-9:45     Capacity Building for Development - role of women
Keynote Lecture: Juan Pedro Laclette, Co-Chair, IANAS 
9:45-10:00     Science Education - Norma Nudelman, IANAS Science Education Co-Chair
10:00-10:15    Water - Bianca Jimenez, IANAS Water Co-Chair 
10:15-10:30    Energy - Arturo Fernandez, IAANS Energy Focal Point
10:30-11:00    Panel of Speakers - Questions

11:00-11:30    Coffee Break

11:30-12:10    WfS-WG Website

Chair: Margarita Perea

11:30-11:50    Presentation: Sophia Huyer (OWSDW)
11:50-12:10    Discussion

12:10-13:00    Biography project

Chair: Lilliam Alvarez

12:10-12:30    Status report - Anneke Levelt Sengers
12:30-13:00    Discussion

13:00-14:00    Lunch at the Academy

14:00-15:00    IAP proposals

Chair: Juan Pedro Laclette

14:00-14:15    2010 Proposal and Deliverables. Marcos Cortesao
14:15-14:30    2011 Proposal and Deliverables. Anneke Levelt Sengers
14:30-15:00    Discussion

15:00-15:30    IANAS-OWSDW Award

Chair: Sophia Huyer 

15:00-15:15    Presentation: Juan Pedro Laclette and Anneke Levelt Sengers
14:30-15:00    Discussion

15:30-16:00    Break

16:00-17:00    WfS-WG Structure: Liaisons ad Committees

Chair: Gioconda San Blas
Facilitator: Sophia Huyer

WfS-WG Structure - Forming of Committees Anneke Levelt Sengers

  • Networking: Liaisons to IANAS Programs; to women in S&T organizations.
  • Landscape analysis
  • Editorial committees
  • 1. Biographies;
  • 2. WfS Web site;
  • 3. Translation
  • IANAS-OWSDW prize
  • Fundraising
  • Decide on second-smester focal point meeting, time and place


17:00-17:15    Summary. Thanks. Anneke Levelt Sengers

18:30-20:30    Informal dinner and Committee work session. 
Committees sit together and plan; note-takers appointed: results to WG chair by March 10 2011.