Young Women Scientists in the Americas: Their inspiring stories

During the IANAS Women for Science Working Group meeting that took place in Santiago in October 2013, various projects were designed to promote women in Science in the Americas. On of these projects is the Biography Project, whose main purpose is to gather in a book the experiences of young women scientists. Through interviews, carried out by scientific journalists, we expect to obtain information about different aspects of the origin of the interest that drove these women into science, like special teachers or encouraging family members. We want to know their views about the importance of the participation of women in science, about the obstacles, limitations and advantages of being women in science and the way they carry out their family life, in case they are married and have children.

The women selected for this project are young leader in their disciplines, so we also want to know about their own views on their field of research, the advances in the last years and about their personal achievements. Finally we will look for advises to girls and young students with interest in sciences.

The project is carried out by a team of members of the Women for Science Working Group composed by Neela Badrie-Maharaj (Jamaica), Mónica Moraes (Bolivia), María Zunilda Nuñez (Dominican Republic), Carla Odio (Costa Rica) and coordinated by Patricio Felmer (Chile) and the support of IANAS.

The project is planed to complete the interviews during 2014 and to carry out the editing process in 2015, so to have the book available during the year, both in electronic and paper form.