Webinar: Solutions to Scale Green Sustainable Development in the Amazon

Webinar: "Solutions to Scale Green Sustainable Development in the Amazon" - 3 September 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM CEST

The SPA (Science Panel for the Amazon) "Webinar: Solutions to Scale Green Sustainable Development in the Amazon" aims to launch the initiative "The Amazon We Want and offer an opportunity to extend its reach". The presentations during the webinar will focus on sustainable development and bioeconomy in the Amazon region.

The SPA is an initiative connected to the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and has a Strategic Committee composed of personalities from different areas, in addition to scientists, such as Luiz Davidovich, president of ABC, and Enrique Forero, president of the Colombian Academy. Most of the panelists of the webinar are members of the SPA Scientific Committee, constituted by approximately 180 scientists. The Scientific Committee will prepare a report that will be the first scientific outcome carried out for the entire Amazon basin and its biome. The report will call upon governments, companies, civil society, and all inhabitants of the planet to implement the report’s recommendations and act together for the conservation and development of a sustainable Amazon. Should you be interested to attend the webinar, please register. As a partner, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (an ISC Member Organization) will provide scientific inputs and help engage the Academies of the region in the initiative, inviting them to assist in building local engagement, which is critical to help society – and more specifically local populations – understand that science is essential for the promotion of a new paradigm of sustainable development for the Amazon.

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