IANAS STEM Education Workshop – 2022

STEM Education Workshop – 2022


We are glad to announce that IANAS will be having a workshop on STEM Education and Public Outreach in Córdoba, Argentina from September 21st to September 23rd, 2022. There will be a joint session with Academy representatives present at the IANAS General Assembly on the afternoon of Wednesday 21st, and the workshop will carry on until Friday 23rd.

Topics of discussion include STEM education strategies, the implementation of the recommendations listed on IANAS Statement “Catalyzing STEM Education and Public Engagement through the IANAS Science Education Program”, how to involve young academies and/or young university students and teachers, among other STEM Education-related issues in the Americas.

The workshop will be coordinated by Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, President of Let’s Talk Science, a Canadian charitable organization that focuses on preparing youth for evolving career and citizenship demands in a rapidly changing world, by providing programs and resources for STEM educators.

Drs. Margarita Gómez and Débora Foguel, specialists who worked on the IANAS Science Education statement, will also be collaborating with Dr. Bonnie Schmidt.

Nexus Teams (representatives) from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru will be participating in this event. These are mostly young people who are currently working in the education field, and plan to develop a project that encourages the engagement on STEM Education in their respective countries on a public and/or educational level, which is the main goal of this workshop.

Click here to download the Workshop Agenda

Click here to download “Catalyzing STEM Education and Public Engament through the IANAS Science Education Program”
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