Olegario Muñiz Ugarte

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Academia de Ciencias, Cuba

Born in Havana, Cuba; June 29 1944. B.Sc. in Chemistry, Havana Univ. (1970). Working in Soil Institute, Ministry of Agriculture (since 1970). Ph.D. in Agricultural Sc. (1985). Senior Researcher (1987). Senior Member of Cuban Academy of Science (since 2006). Head of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition National Department of Soil Institute (1980-2007). Dr. Muniz has 135 papers and 4 books, one as main author and presented papers in more than 215 National and International Scientific Congress celebrated in 14 countries. During the last 43 years was Head of 31 National and International projects with IAEA, EMBRAPA, INRA, FAO, World Bank and others. Received and gave training and post graduate courses in Cuba, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, India and had technical missions or meetings in 19 different countries. During the last 40 years, he obtained 39 Cuban Scientific Achievements (Scientific Results officially recognized) about different subjects: Soil Fertility Diagnosis and Correction; Soil Micronutrients; Heavy Metals Pollution; Rice nutrition; Soil management and others. President of Cuban Society of Soil Science (1999 -2015); in present Member of Honor. Member of IUSS (2000), SSSA (2005). LSSS (1999). National Order “Carlos J. Finlay” given by Cuban State for the whole life scientific work (2005) and 15 Scientific Awards, including Latin-American Society of Soil Science Award given for the whole life scientific production (2014).