Israel Camargo

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Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias de Panama (IDIAP)

Education: Agronomist  Engineer,  M.Sc.  Seed  Technology  and  PhD  in  Genetics  and  Plant  Breeding, University of Sao Paulo (Superior College of Agriculture -Luiz de Queiroz).  Professional experience: Researcher and Assistant Professor at the University of Panamá (1972-1982), he has taught courses  of:  Statistical  Methods  and  Agricultural Experimentation.  Since 1982 joins  IDIAP, working in research and development of basic grains such as rice and maize. Coordinator of B asic and Registered Seed Unit.  Positions held:  Coordinator in Research Centers, Project Manager of Research and Innovation, Director of  the  Agricultural  Research  Center  of  Genetic  Resources,  National  Director  of  Seed  Unit, National Director of the ResearchProgram on Genetic Resources and Biodiversity.Production technology:

He has contributed to thedevelopment of maize hybrids: P-8812, P- 8814 and 8916, P -9490 and P-9422, PB0103 and Idiap M-0512, and in the development of varieties of QPM (Idiap MQ07 and MQ02 Idiap); for extreme poverty areas in Panama. As Rice Breeder, has contributed to the development and release varieties of IDIAP 22, IDIAP 2503, IDIAP 3003, IDIAP 145-05, IDIAP 54-05 and IDIAP 52-05, IDIAP FL 137-11 and IDIAP FL 106-11,the last six, as entitled breeder. In 2009 rice varieties with high iron and zinc (Idiap GAB 6 Idiap GAB  2  Idiap  GAB  8  e  Idiap  GAB  11)  were  released  in  extreme  poverty  and  malnutrition areas in Panama, as a strategy to reduce deficiency of these micronutrients in this segment  of the population. Scientific production: He has published in international and national scientific journals indexed (32 articles) and contributed  to  reports  of  scientific  conferences,  about  37  papers.  Advisor  of  ten  thesis  in degree level and one in master degree level. Other executorships: Associated  Professor  at  the  University  of  Panama,  teaching  courses  at  the  levels  of  Bachelor, Master and PhD degree. He has been involved in different forums at national and international level on the results of the investigations conducted by him and his team. He also, has implemented statistical methodologies that help to understand the phenomenon of genotype - environment interaction. Professional achievements: Medal "Germán De León M" as Outstanding Agricultural Researcher, 2001. Member of the National Research System of Panamá. It has been declared worthy son of the province of Coclé and twice, prominent personality of the municipality of Natáde los Caballeros