Oswalt Jimenez

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Universidad Nacional Agraria

Dr. Oswalt R. Jiménez is a Nicaraguan plant breeder and genetist, graduated from University of Helsinki, Finland. He has been involved in many research activities, occupying different job positions in governmental institutions and as lecturer at National Agrarian University in Nicaragua. His work is focused on the utilization of local plant genetic resources in breeding programs aiming to obtain varieties for an agriculture based in less use of inputs, under conventional and participatory approaches with special emphasis on diversification. His current works includes mainly common bean and other species such as: rice, maize, onion, sweet pepper, amaranth and cucurbits, promoting the use of biotechnological tools for enforcing breeding methods. In addition to the development of varieties, Dr. Jiménez has also enhanced the use of molecular markers to keep the genetic purity of cultivars. 

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