Lucia Grille

Lucia Grille obtained her title in Veterinary Medicine in 2008 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Republic (Uruguay). She defended her Master thesis in “Quality characterization of the milk bulk tank of dairy farms in the different season in the north coast region of Uruguay; effect of Storage Time and herd size on the hygienic-sanitary quality” in 2016 in the postgraduate program at the same Faculty. She is assistant Professor at the Department of Milk Science and Technology since 2009. Grille is currently conducting her PhD thesis in the study of pathogens and spoilages in milk microorganisms, under different dairy production systems, and their impact in the industrialization processes. Grille has published scientific papers in national journals mainly related to her MSc thesis. She has supervised several undergraduate students on milk quality (goat and cow); the project on hygienic and sanitary quality in goat milk was the first one to isolate pathogenic microorganisms in the country and this data has also been published. In 2012, Grille made an internship in milk quality and safety at the Autonomous University State of Mexico (CIESA-UAEM) in Toluca (Mexico).

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