STEM Education & Public Outreach Workshop – 2022

STEM Education & Public Outreach Workshop


On September 21-23, 2022 the Science Education Program with the special participation of Dr. Bonnie Schmidt, Dr. Debora Foguel and Dr. Margarita Gomez, STEM Education experts, held the STEM Education and Public Outreach workshop in Córdoba, Argentina. The main objective of this event was to conform Nexus Teams that working together could create a pilot project that encourages the engagement on STEM Education in their respective countries on a public and/or educational level.

The Nexus Teams that participated are integrated by young people currently working in the education field from:

  • Córdoba, Argentina: Natalia Gonzalez, María de los Angeles Kamaran, Cecilia Lopez, Cecilia Ordoñez, Alicia Olmos.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: Victoria Lynch, Laura Melchiorre, Sebastián Manassero.
  • Bolivia: Natalia Montellano, Celeste Rodriguez, Gonzalo Riveros.
  • Ecuador: Hamilton Cabrera, Irma Castro, Jessica Medina, Lizbeth Sarmiento.
  • Perú: Cynthia Vasquez, Carlos Torres, Fidel Jimenez.

The workshop not only consisted of working sessions where the different groups planned their projects, but also with joint sessions with IANAS Member Academies Presidents/representatives and the experts who collaborated on the IANAS Statement “Catalyzing STEM Education and Public Engagement through the IANAS Science Education Program”. This created an atmosphere where Nexus Teams could share their projects, participants could give and receive feedback and discussions about STEM Education-related issues in the Americas were brought up.

It is worth mentioning that this project from the IANAS Science Education program did not end with the workshop. Each Nexus Team is currently working on further developing their pilot project at their respective country. The program will keep fostering these initiatives by organizing recurrent meetings with the groups and providing when needed.

Click here to download the STEM Education Workshop Minutes


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